Leche/ Dulce Flan 4.75

Leche flan/creme caramel, icing sugar, caramel sauce

Nutella Cream cheese 4.75

Nutella cream cheese, nutella gnache, roasted peanuts, salted caramel sauce

Bailey's Cream 4.75

Whiskey cream custard, whisky gnache, chocolate cornflakes, salted caramel sauce

Avocado Krema 4.75

Avocado mousse, belgian white chocolate, avocado sauce

Tiramisu 4.75

Fresh Handmade Mascarpone cheese, coffee, belgian white chocolate, cocoa powder

Strawberry Cheesecake 4.75

Strawberry cheesecake mousse, belgian white chocolate, dried strawberry, raspberry powder

Ube Coconut 4.75

Ube, purple yam, coconut milk, ube white chocolate gnache, ube crumble.

Apple Pie 4.75

Apple Caramel compote, brown butter cinnamon crumble, brown sugar salted caramel.

Peach Mango 4.75

Peach and Mango compote, chopped dried mango, mango jus

Banana Fritters 4.50

Fresh Banana, Sweet and Salty Glazed, Banana Caramel


Chicken Adobo 5.75

Chicken Adobo, pickled shallots, bechamel sauce, aioli, adobo flakes.

Ham and Cheese 5.50

Rosemary ham, béchamel sauce, cheddar cheese, breton crackers, cheese sauce.

Beef Bourguignon 6.25

Slow cooked beef, mushroom, carrot, shallots, red wine, breton crackers.

Minimum of half dozen per order.

$28.50/ Half a dozen plus tax

$57/ Dozen plus tax

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